Viral 'Instagram Famous' Influencer Morgan Osman Denies Claims She Was 'Kicked Off' Plane, Says She Asked to Leave to Avoid 'Turning Violent'

Viral ‘Instagram Famous’ Influencer Morgan Osman Denies Claims She Was ‘Kicked Off’ Plane, Says She Asked to Leave to Avoid ‘Turning Violent’

An rant aboard an American Airlines aircraft by a fashion designer and former reality television star who has amassed hundreds of thousands of Instagram likes for suggestive photographs has gone viral.

On Sunday, September 17, a video of Morgan Osman yelling profanities and calling other travelers on an aircraft “bums” went popular on social media.

Morgan Osman (Morgan Osman on Instagram and Twitter)

In the 20-second video, Osman can be heard telling another passenger off-camera to “call me a b—h again.”

She says, “I did nothing wrong,” as she takes her suitcase out of the overhead compartment.

Someone responds, “I said shut up,” a male.

She responds, “You shut the f-k up,” and walks away with her luggage before posing for the photographer. “Film me, you f-king bum, I’m famous on Instagram.”

Thousands of people watched videos of the meeting before it was revealed that the lady was a former cast member of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” The show, according to Oxygen, will feature “seven feisty alpha females from rival coasts who will demonstrate that the east and west have very different ways of handling their business when dueling over style and territory.”

Osman has 977,000 Instagram followers and frequently exposes her body there. On Monday, Sept. 18, Osman claimed in a series of Instagram Stories photos that she wasn’t “kicked off” the aircraft as claimed but rather “asked to leave instead of turning violent.”

The influencer is just one of several passengers whose tantrums on commercial planes were caught on camera.

Tiffany Gomas, a resident of Dallas, made headlines in July when she seemed to have a meltdown on an American Airlines aircraft and caused a commotion about a passenger she claimed was “not real.”

Before shrieking, the individual stated, “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f-k off, and there’s a reason why. And everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it. I could care less, but I’m going to tell you right now that motherf-ker over there is fake.

Gomas eventually earned the nickname “Crazy Plane Lady” on the internet.

On a Ryanair trip to Ibiza in August, an intoxicated woman and her traveling companions were removed off the aircraft after getting into a fight.

Federal aviation laws state that disruptive conduct, drunkenness, failure to follow crew orders, security considerations, health difficulties, overbooking, ticket issues, late arrivals, and making threatening or disruptive statements are all grounds for removing passengers from planes.

The choice to remove a passenger ultimately lies with the airline and its staff, and each airline may have its own unique policies and procedures for addressing such circumstances. In extreme circumstances, travelers may be subject to penalties, future flight prohibitions, or legal repercussions for their behavior.

After starting an assault on a gate agent at Atlanta International Airport in April, Spirit Airlines customer Que Maria Scott was put on the “no-flight” list.

A person on the “no-fly” list is prohibited from boarding a commercial aircraft that travels through U.S. airspace, according to the FBI, if they “may present a threat to civil aviation or national security.”

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