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Former Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Yaw Shin Leong dies at age 47

SGAN JAPAN — Announcements posted late on Tuesday, November 14, on his social media sites verified the death of Yaw Shin Leong, a former member of parliament for the Workers’ Party (WP), at the age of 47.

His death on November 10 was confirmed by obituaries on his Facebook and LinkedIn sites; however, no cause of death was given.

His exit from politics

Yaw represented Hougang SMC as an MP in 2011, but she was kicked out of the WP in 2012 for failing to respond to claims of an extramarital affair.

After that, he and his spouse left Singapore. He disputed WP chairman Pritam Singh’s account of his exit from the party in a Facebook post made in 2021 under the name Amos Rao.

Following Yaw’s expulsion, Hougang had a by-election, which prompted voters to turn out the ballots one year after the general election of 2011. Desmond Choo of the People’s Action Party lost the by-election to Png Eng Huat of the WP.

Yaw had worked in Singapore’s education system for a number of years prior to moving abroad.

What he does beyond politics

Yaw had been using the social media accounts under the name “Amos Rao” since approximately 2017. This was after he served as an MP from 2011 to 2012.

His premature death was bemoaned in the obituaries, which said, “Our hearts are torn with grief. You abruptly and too quickly left us.”

“Your unexpected death has left an unfillable hole in our hearts. You are in a better place, as we know. We adore you so much. We shall always remember you in our hearts.”

The obituary described Yaw as a devoted husband, father, brother, leader, and soldier. It also included information on his wake and asked for Yaw’s family to be kept anonymous from the media during their time of grief.

It also emphasized Yaw’s commitment to Singapore, which included his National Service duty, as well as his contributions that went beyond politics and had a long-lasting influence.

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