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Apple first Online Store is now Open in India




Today the first India online shop of Apple has gone live. Last week, the company announced its launch, and the company first operates a retail network in the country. To date, iPhones and other Apple products have been distributed in India by third party distributors and resellers, including Amazon and Flipkart.

Apple’s customers are able to gravure items in Indian in six languages and in English via the webshop. The store also enables users to adjust Mac computers according to their needs, a feature that Apple has not been able to offer on the Indian market until now.

The Apple Store also specializes in Hindi and English support for Apple products. The newest items from Apple are also available in the store, including the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6.

“One thing that we have learned about as we reach the market with Apple Retail is that we all increase the number of vessels,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Senior Department of Retail and People at app apple, last week. “Thanks to our product portfolio available on our online store and through our network of trusted retailers, this gives us the ability to link to our clients wherever they are.

The shop sells Apple’s full range in India and subscription services from Apple One will also be available later this year. The shop does not sell any items to third parties at this time, but in the future, it should be added to it.

Starting their online shop should make Apple more conscious of the world-renowned shopping experience. The company does not have its own brick and mortar stores in the region, which also affects how well its product flows can be regulated on the market.

Apple currently holds just approximately 2 percent market share of the Indian market, according to industry estimates. However, in the quarter ended June of this year, the company has benefited from supply problems faced with competition in India. IDC has noted that Apple has increased its market share in the premium segment from 48.8% last year to 41.2% this year.

All Apple items in the new online Apple Store include iPhones (including iPhone SE 2020), Apple watches (including Apple Watch SE, 6 and Apple Watch SE), AirPods 2, AirPods, HomePods, iPod Touch, and several other accessories. The new online Apple store also lists iPhones (including iPhone SE 2020).

The online shop has a range of advantages to make your shopping quick. This includes Apple shopping assistance, free no-contact delivery within 24 to 72 hours, and Apple trade-in to swap an old iPhone for a new one for discounts, and the option to set up the MacBooks and iMacs according to your choice.

Apple tries to have smooth customer support and provides a free meeting until the users buy all their questions have been addressed. Users can also pick payment options, like easy electronic devices. In the current situation of COVID-19, however, no cash is required for distribution. Apple has a special Mac and iPad discount for students, as well as accessory discounts and Apple Care+ to encourage online education.

The Apple Store Online now offers nearly 13,000 PIN codes, with more details to come.

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Google Doodle’s Arati Saha: Indian Swimmer on Her 80th birthday



Arati Saha

Google’s Arati Saha Doodle: On Thursday Google spent its Arati Saha doodle on its 80th birthday. The first woman to be awarded a Padma Shri in 1960, was Saha, who had many firsts to her credit.

Saha was born in Calcutta (then British India) on September 24, 1940. On the banks of the Hooghly River, she learned to swim. She trained later under one of the best competitive swimmers in India, Sachin Nag. Saha won her first gold medal when she was five. She broke multiple records of swimming by 11.

At 12, Saha entered the first Indian team to compete in Helsinki, Finland, in the Summer Olympics in 1952. She was one of the four female team makers.

At 18, she wanted to go through the Channel of England. She finished the journey after a failed attempt, becoming the first Asian woman to do this.

The doodle on Thursday depicts the Saha swim with a compass and an outline of the ocean, in terms of its trip across the Channel of Britain. The artist from Kolkata, Lavanya Naidu, illustrated it.

During an interview, Naidu said that Saha “was born in Kolkata into an established household name.” “I hope that it will contribute to the celebration of women’s history and human resilience in our country. I expect it is also an opportunity to dream big for people everywhere, wherever you come from, “she said.

When Saha was just five, Ms. Saha earned her first gold swimming medal. She practiced swimming on Hooghly River, and soon the mentorship of one of India’s top competitive swimmer, Sachin Nag, attracted her precocious skills in the water.

At the age of 11, Ms. Saha became the youngest member of the newly independent Indian team in the Helsinki Summer Olympics of 1952. At 18, Ms. Saha attempted to cross the English Channel for the first time, but she never gave up although this was not successful. Only a month afterward she conquered the trip, a landmark achievement for women across India, across thousands of hot airwaves and currents.

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