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28 Truly Upsetting Accounts That Prove The US Education System Is So Broken And Teachers Deserve Wayyyyy Better



parent in their car watching their son walk into school

We asked BuzzFeed Community instructors to share stories with us about moments in the workplace that made them want to give up teaching permanently. They discussed the following:

Note: A few submissions discuss violence, harassment, and assault in schools.

1. “I had called campus security to remove a student who was being very defiant in the classroom. Security came and asked the student to follow them, the student refused, and security said they’d come back and try again. Security never returned, and the student decided to pull out her phone and start recording me on her Instagram live.”

2. “I was supervising the car rider line at dismissal when I saw a student (who was not in my class) running towards the line of moving cars. I held out my arm and called for her to stop. A moment later, I heard her mother start screaming profanities at me from her car, which she had stopped in the middle of the drive, holding up the whole line. I simply stepped back and allowed her daughter to get in the car. The next day, this woman once again stopped her car in the middle of the drive to scream at me about how rude I had been the day before. I, again, stepped back from the curb and waved the line forward. The next day, this woman called my principal to complain about my ‘behavior.’ The principal apologized on my behalf and told her that he would speak to me about it. That’s when I realized I was in a toxic work environment with no administrative support or respect from parents, and I resigned at the end of the year after 15 years as an educator.”

3. “Another teacher in my district died suddenly overnight. At the emergency faculty meeting that morning, my principal said the wrong name, and mentioned multiple times that she needed volunteers to cover his classes until they found his replacement. How about getting a counselor equipped to deal with a classroom full of grieving children in there for a few days? How about stepping in and doing it yourself to care for your grieving staff? I realized in that moment how interchangeable and replaceable my admin believed we all were.”

4. “Middle school art teacher. A sixth grader was spending all of class playing computer games instead of doing the classwork. Their parent wanted a meeting about their missing assignments. She wanted me to explain EVERYTHING about EVERY MISSING ASSIGNMENT (vocabulary, techniques, what the finished product should look like, etc.) in a 45 minute meeting so she could explain it to her child while he did my work at home. All the info was on Google Classroom. Total waste of time.”

5. “A much bigger student of mine threatened to sexually assault me if I gave him consequences for cussing out another student in class. Unfortunately, this was a student with very violent tendencies and this wasn’t the first time he’d threatened someone with something like this, so I took it seriously. I reported it immediately, but no one came to pull the student from my class. It took four calls to the front office and three emails before anyone responded to me. When I gave my account of what happened, how it affected me, and how it scared the other girls in my class, my principal said to me: ‘Did that student really say that? He was probably just joking.'”

“He was never punished for the threat. A few months later, the same kid started a fight in my class. While this kid was beating down another kid, I was trying to get help. I had to call the office three times before someone came to help. It was at that moment that I decided I wasn’t going to risk my safety any more for people who clearly couldn’t give a crap about me or my well-being. It was really hard to leave education, but now I work in satellite communications for a company that values the heck out of me, and I’m so much happier. I haven’t had a panic attack since leaving teaching. No job is ever worth risking your safety, physical health, or mental health. Especially when you’re being paid less than you deserve.”

7. “This was the final straw for me. I used to work as a middle school music teacher at a very low-income school. There were A LOT of discipline problems and little to no support from administrators or parents. I would have classes as big as 60, and being the one adult in the room made it hard to manage. One day, I had two kids trying to pierce each other’s noses in my classroom with a nose piercing thing. The students were removed from my class, but ended up going to their other classes and were back in my class the next day. They somehow convinced my admin that is was nothing and that they were ‘fixing their eyelashes.’ They didn’t have any consequences for their actions in my room. That’s when I decided to quit.”

8. “It’s rarely the students that make most teachers quit, but rather the administration. I have been a NYC public school teacher for 25 years and have never had a principal or assistant principal who didn’t screw me over at some point. Every teacher I know has similar stories. Micromanagement, petty comments in observations, grade and building changes without your consent, I could go on and on. My worst principal once came in my room said I had spelled a word wrong on one of the dozens of charts I had hanging up, and when I asked her where so I could correct it, she said I had to find it myself.”

9. “I was once working in a summer camp as an EFL teacher (I’m an EFL teacher full-time, but since I don’t have work in the summer, I often take up summer camp work to help cover bills), and the camp leader was an absolute muppet. She had no teaching experience, but insisted on micro-managing the teachers and telling us how to do our jobs. The final straw was when she told the teachers to wear clown costumes in the class to ‘lighten the mood.’ I refused, she ordered me to, I quit.”

10. “I was teaching seventh and ninth grade at the time. I used to play music outside my classroom during passing period. I noticed that the students liked it, and they were more likely to be on time to class because they were singing along rather than chatting in the hallways. My principal called me down to his office and told me, ‘You make the kids too happy, and happy kids are hard to control.’ Too happy. Hard to control. I moved schools for the next year.”

11. “A student told me he was going to kill me and my husband, who also worked at the same school, and have my children hunted down and killed at their schools because I wouldn’t allow him to bring his backpack into the classroom (as per school policy). We had a restorative justice circle, he had no consequences, and he was moved out my classroom for the rest of the year.”

12. “During the pandemic, I was the representative for my school’s faculty to deal with issues with our admin. It usually only consisted of meetings to discuss money and conducting votes, but during the height of the pandemic, our state forced us back into crowded classrooms. We drafted a letter to try and send to the state to let them know how frightened we were. Our principals fought us tooth and nail to stop us from sending that letter. They lied, manipulated, and bullied me endlessly. The last straw was when all three of them circled around me in the office and told me I’d have to hold a third round of voting to get the letter sent. I began looking for jobs in another state that night and was gone the following year.”

13. “I’ve been in early childhood for 25 years and have multiple state qualifications, plus a degree in early childhood education and a minor in social sciences. Early childhood, like district teaching, is very stressful with low pay, long hours, and, in some cases, minimal, if any, support from school leadership. In five years, I’ve had seven jobs. Six of those jobs were in childcare center-based programs, and one was as a nanny. I left center-based programs due to what I described above, and my nanny job due to the pandemic. I thought I could continue in this field for another 25 years, but I was wrong.”

“The anxiety, stomach aches, stress eating, headaches, and exhaustion were occurring more and more each day, and I was bored in my last position as a floater/after-school teacher. I was also over the gossip, drama, and high school behavior. It was emotionally draining, unprofessional, and ignorant, and I left because I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m a nanny now, and I love going to work, plus, I get paid more. If I do go back to this kind of environment, I’d have to be the owner and/or part of leadership. That way, I can solve or help solve problems to avoid teachers getting burnt out.”

14. “I worked with a principal who was a very nice man, but prioritized the athletic department in the school. The athletic budget was unreal. He budgeted $10,000 for wresting mats and weekend tournaments while the teachers had to fundraise and give up their weekends and lunch hours to do food sales or bottle drives for field trips.”

15. “I graduated from college in May 2022 and was so excited to begin my career. I had no idea I would become suicidal over my job. My admin gaslit and harassed me, and they accused me of failing students who never came in my classroom once the entire school year. I received death threats from my students, all while struggling to keep my head above water. I left in March and do not regret it at all. I’m only 23, and thankfully I have the means and support to pivot careers. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING TEACHING, ASK YOURSELF IF IT IS WORTH SACRIFICING YOUR SELF-WORTH AND MENTAL WELLNESS. It is not.”

16. “A student stole items from my desk after I told them my desk was off limits at the beginning of the year. The student had the items in their pocket when confronted. I called the parent and told them that their child stole from me and was receiving a write-up. Next thing I know, I was being asked to go see the principal to explain why I called this student a thief. Turns out the parents were irate that I called and accused their child of being a thief (they were), and took their child out of school for the rest of the day. They then returned the next day demanding their child be removed from my class immediately and I be disciplined. I was not formally disciplined, but I did not appreciate being questioned and accused of doing something wrong when this student stole from me. How was it my fault!?”

17. “A kid pointed at me and told me, ‘You’re going to die today.’ After a ‘investigation,’ I was told I provoked the kid, and I got suspended. The kid got nothing. I knew it was time for me to go somewhere else.”

18. “I am a band director and was asked to have my kiddos perform at the local bar during the summer on the day I was supposed to return from my honeymoon. I explained the situation and told the parent volunteers, who suggested the event, and they told me they would take care of everything since they thought it was very important for us to play at this gig. I told them I would be unreachable for about a week before the event since I was getting married and going on my honeymoon. I said this multiple times and they said they understood. However, while I was on my honeymoon, I got a call from a parent at 8:30 in the morning. Obviously, I ignored this, only to have the parent call me later in the summer and tell me that I wasn’t doing enough and she needed more from me.”

“As if this wasn’t enough, she and her husband came to parent/teacher conferences a year later, not to talk about their students, but tell me they thought I needed to start going to the bar and drinking with the locals so people would support my program more.”

19. “I once had to teach in a classroom that had a giant penis drawn, in permanent marker, on the whiteboard. We were told to ‘write around the dick’ by our head of department, who was simply exhausted and at a loss for better words. It took the facilities two days before they changed the board to a new one. No cleaner had any luck removing the penis from the board.”

20. “Administration that doesn’t take your dedication and loyalty into consideration — I quit classroom teaching for five years because of this. Being disrespected and treated as though you are a replaceable commodity, or that you simply don’t know what you’re doing — that will eat at you. Ridiculous parents are also annoying, but I haven’t been driven to quit by them yet. I teach at a great school now, and have been there for awhile. I count myself lucky.”

21. “I was physically assaulted by a student while trying to help another student who was being beaten up. This was caught on CCTV, and the offending student’s mother, upon watching the footage, said, ‘He didn’t touch that teacher. She attacked him.'”

22. “My two worst insistences were getting a chair, amongst other things, thrown at me. Then, being told I was still expected to not only finish the day, but continue teaching that class after expressing my discomfort and feeling unsafe. I also had a student threaten multiple times to hurt me, bring a gun to school, and try and stab me with scissors. My principal brushed it off and allowed the student to remain in school.”

23. “Active shooter/lock down drills, along with the lack of support from administration, and no respect or discipline are all pushing me out of the profession. Students are not being held accountable for their actions. It all adds up and makes me no longer want to be part of the teaching profession.”

24. “Parents. Honestly, this gets progressively worse each year. I’ve had parents threaten to sue me, demand responses to emails at all hours (even if it’s on the weekend or during a school holiday), and just straight-up lie to my face. But, the worst was when a parent started telling me I was a horrible teacher, I hated their child, and I shouldn’t be working at the school at all…all because I informed the parent that their son was struggling in school and the counselor was concerned there might be an issue with ADHD. I don’t think parents realize that we’re just trying to help their children as much as possible, but there are limitations to our profession. Getting extra help or support is not a negative thing and can even help your child thrive!”

26. “I’m going into my sixth year as an elementary music teacher, but I think it will be my last. The student behavior has gone way downhill and admin does very little about it. Sometimes it’s because their hands are tied with what they can or cannot do. But, it’s a joke when a kid who was just terrorizing classmates (or you) is back in your class less than 10 minutes later like nothing happened. I don’t want to see Jane or Jon after they tried to hit me or a classmate, made verbal threats about killing someone, wouldn’t stop screaming, or threw a chair.”

“It’s worse when they come back with something that can be seen as a reward by other students too, like a snack, candy, or a fidget toy. The student might need it, but others are going to feel like they need to do the same thing so that they can also have that ‘fun break’ (and I definitely had that happen last year). Also, it’s hard to want to notify home when problems arise (not even the drastic ones I just mentioned, just average problems too) when some parents don’t respond when you try to communicate, or they are indifferent (or make excuses).”

27. “Our school district superintendent was hired from a different district where he had many skeletons in his closet, including financial malfeasance and adultery with a subordinate. He immediately changed his title to CEO of a public school board. He has cut school budgets so much that we have lost support staff and custodial staff, and his next move is to contract out for those roles. He has quadrupled the number of ‘district principal’ roles and stacked his administrative team with dozens of men who do not set foot in schools or classrooms. Knowing that public education funds are padding the salaries and pensions of non-educators who wear Patagonia vests and drive Mercedes makes me cynical about all education bureaucracy!”

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12 Nintendo Switch tips and tricks you probably didn’t know (but definitely should)



A screenshot of one of the best Nintendo switch tips

Regardless of how long you’ve owned your system, there are certain Nintendo Switch tips and tricks that you might not have known about (if you haven’t already, the Black Friday deals on the Switch might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for). In this post, we’ll try to correct that by summarizing some of the features that have enhanced our personal use of the gadget.

There exist numerous tips and tricks to enhance your usage of Nintendo’s entertaining and portable system, such as customizing your Switch or remapping buttons to save space or even locate misplaced Joy-Cons. Though in this article we’re only going to talk about items you can customize with the Switch consoles themselves, so there’s no need to buy anything else, you might also want to have a look at some of the greatest Nintendo Switch accessories.

12 helpful hints for the Nintendo Switch

Remap your buttons if you’d like. Want to obtain extra saves? Our best Nintendo Switch advice and techniques are included here.

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in dark mode, in part due to the perception that it could aid with eye strain and, in part, because it looks cool. There is, in fact, a dark mode for the Nintendo Switch. Just select Basic Black from the Themes menu under System Settings. This will alter the background of the menu pages and home screen to black; the games will remain unchanged.

2. Modify the avatar on your Nintendo Switch profile

Upon initializing your Nintendo Switch, you will be prompted to select an avatar and establish a profile. You can, however, always alter your avatar afterwards. Simply tap your symbol in the top-left corner to access your profile page, and then select User Settings > Edit symbol.

3. Remap the buttons on a Nintendo Switch
a picture of one of the top Nintendo Switch tutorials

Remapping the buttons on your controller is something you might not be aware of if you’ve owned your Nintendo Switch for a while, as it was only made possible via an update released in April 2022. Navigate to Controllers and Sensors > System Settings > Change Button Mapping.

On the Nintendo Switch, buttons for both Joy-Cons and the Switch Pro Controller can be remapped. You may adjust the purpose of each button and the joystick’s orientation by simply choosing a controller. It is possible to adjust the Joy-Con inputs for both horizontal and vertical gaming.

Although the Nintendo Switch is incredibly portable, its usefulness when traveling without a power source may be limited by its short battery life. Although a battery charge typically lasts three to four hours, there are a few strategies you can take to extend its life.

One of the most obvious solutions is to lower the brightness of the panel. This is by default set to automatic. To adjust the brightness to a fixed lower level, navigate to the settings page. Disabling controller vibration under ‘Controllers and Sensors’ is an additional choice. Additionally, you can lower the volume and enter flight mode.

To monitor battery life more closely, you can enable the battery percentage display option (System Settings > System). Of course, a portable power bank can be a wise purchase if you plan to use your console for an extended period of time without access to electricity.

Have you lost your Joy-Cons? No worries, the Switch comes equipped with a feature that allows you to find controllers (so long as they are in the same area; it won’t work if they are at someone else’s house). To view the controllers connected to your console, navigate to Controllers > Find Controllers.

If the missing controller has fallen behind the sofa or under the bed, you can locate it by highlighting it and pressing the L or R button on the one you have. If not, it should vibrate. To make both Joy-Cons vibrate in case you lose them, tap the touch screen.

We adore the Nintendo Switch, but if you primarily use digital downloads, you may quickly run out of space once you’ve accumulated a library of games due to the device’s lackluster hard drive capacity. Archiving games that you aren’t playing right now is one way to solve the problem. While maintaining game saves, this frees up space.

Simply select Manage Software > Archive Software after highlighting the game and pressing +. System Settings > Data Management is another way to archive. Choose Quick Archive to receive recommendations based on file size and playtime recently. Select the software you wish to archive by clicking Manage Software.

Naturally, there’s a good risk that your hard drive will eventually run out of capacity, especially if you have the original Switch or Switch Lite, which only have 32GB of space (the 64GB OLED model doubles that). The truth is, you will most likely need to buy a MicroSD card at some point. Third-party choices are supported by the consoles, and Black Friday is frequently a good time to locate deals.

You can move game data between the microSD card and the console if you’re using one (System Settings > Data Management > Move Data Between System / microSD Card). Click Move Data after choosing your destination and the games you wish to transfer. One advantage of purchasing physical games—which are frequently less expensive if you discover a deal at a store like Amazon—is that they don’t take up as much room.

Finding out that a game only supports one save file and that you have to erase the old one in order to create a new one or restart the game can be annoying at times.Making several user profiles is an easy way to get around this. Since every profile has its own save data, you can make a save for every profile you have. Go to System Settings > Users > Add Users to establish a new profile. When you launch a game after that, you’ll be able to select from your many profiles

On the Switch, you can’t record very long gameplay videos, but you can at least snap screenshots and record brief gameplay clips of the previous 30 seconds. You may now transmit screenshots from the Switch to your phone instead of the very restrictive Facebook or Twitter option that was previously the sole way to share images.

Press ‘A’ to bring up the Sharing and Editing options when you open the screenshot on your Switch, and then choose Send to Smartphone. To establish a wireless connection between the devices, you must first use your phone to scan one QR code. After that, you must scan a second code to view an image on a web page. You are free to use the image however you see fit after saving it to your phone.

Using friend codes, you can connect and play games with other Switch users. By accessing your user profile, you may see your code—a 16-digit code that will show up next to your icon. The majority of online multiplayer games, including Fortnite, require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, although some do not. To play online against your trusted pals, you’ll need to add them.

Since the Nintendo Switch is not region-locked, you can purchase games from retailers across the globe in addition to those in your home nation. The drawback is that it can be a little tricky to obtain a digital code from another nation. The code requires you to set up a profile in the nation where it was obtained, however this is a simple and free process.a

Navigate to System > User settings. Select an icon and a nickname for the profile by tapping Add New User. Following that, you’ll need to register as a new user online. Simply follow the instructions, making sure to select the correct nation for your profile and provide a second email address for verification. When you’re finished, you can use your profile to log into the eShop (you’ll notice the currency is different) and use the sidebar menu to redeem your voucher.

You can use any of your profiles to play the game after downloading it. But, if you remove the newly made profile, you won’t be able to access it.

Your Nintendo Switch home screen allows you to customize the wallpaper and rearrange the icons as you see fit. By selecting Custom, you have the option to design your own background color and pre-made themes. You’ll need a microSD card to transfer an image to your Switch in order to add a custom wallpaper. Proceed to System Settings > Themes > Change Theme after that. After selecting Custom, choose the desired image to use.

Once you have more than 12 titles, you may additionally group Switch software. Scroll all the way to the right from the Home Menu and choose “All Software.” In order to examine your software by groups, press the L button. “Select Create new group,” check the titles you wish to include, organize them as you see fit, and give the group a name. It is possible to establish up to 100 groups, each with 200 titles.

12. Understand how to perform a Nintendo Switch hard reset.

The Nintendo Switch could occasionally freeze on you, just like any other electrical gadget. Hard resets are typically able to remedy this. The console should reset if you hold down the system’s power button for up to 15 seconds. In more severe situations, you can conduct a full factory reset by deleting the memory by heading to System Settings > System > Formatting Options > Initialize Console.

If you’re still in the market for a Nintendo Switch system, check out our guide to the top Nintendo Switch bargains or the prices shown below for your area. We also have a post about the top games for the Nintendo Switch.

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Maria Menounos Saw Signs of Pancreatic Cancer a Year Before Her Diagnosis — Here’s What Doctors Missed



Maria Menounos Saw Signs of Pancreatic Cancer a Year Before Her Diagnosis — Here’s What Doctors Missed

In December 2022, about a year and a half ago, Maria Menounos received the horrifying news that she had pancreatic cancer. Since then, the TV and podcast host has had surgery to remove the tumor along with her spleen, a fibroid, and 17 lymph nodes. She has also turned into an ardent supporter, striving to increase public awareness of the illness. It’s a crucial job since, according to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), pancreatic cancer can be difficult to diagnose because the organ is situated too deep in the abdomen for medical professionals to feel or see tumors, and because symptoms aren’t always evident. Menounos’s route to a diagnosis, which included several missed indications and months of doctor appointments, serves as an example.

During a recent episode of Hoda Kotb’s podcast, Making Space, Menounos talked about how she had been experiencing severe bloating for several months prior to receiving her diagnosis. She said, “I looked like I swallowed a basketball for at least a year and a half or so.” In March 2022, Menounos stated, she had a test for celiac disease and had an endoscopy and colonoscopy in an attempt to “get to the root of what’s happening,” but the physicians “didn’t find the source.”

Additional SheKnows

She continued, “I was attempting to exclude items from [my] diet to see if there was a difference, so I kept snapping pictures of [my bloating]. “I told myself that there was a problem and that I would keep looking for it until I found it.”

Eight months before receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, in April 2022, Menounos suggested that her pancreas might be the issue on an episode of her own podcast, Heal Squad. Menounos recounted the incident, saying, “[I said,] ‘I think something’s wrong with my pancreas,'” and that “a whole discussion about the pancreas” ensued. She described her remarkably precise prediction as “so random.”

Menounos began to have new-onset diabetes in June 2022, which is another sign of pancreatic cancer. Menounos recalled, “I said, ‘I don’t have this,’ first.” “I have no reason to develop Type 1 diabetes at 43 years old or older.” In retrospect, it appears that doctors overlooked this further warning indication. Research suggests that newly developing diabetes in adults over 50 “may be an early symptom of pancreatic cancer,” according to PanCAN. having diarrhea and what she had previously described as “excruciating” stomach discomfort. Menounos’s agony persisted even after CT scans, blood tests, and stool examinations revealed nothing abnormal. Ultimately, a growth on her pancreas was discovered during an MRI in December 2022. A biopsy later identified the abnormality as a stage 2 pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.

Menounos was fortunate to have been diagnosed with cancer at an early stage and to have had the means to receive treatment. However, during the course of the year, Menounos’ doctors missed several symptoms even with those resources. The E! News alum is committed to sharing her experience because it validates the strength of persistence and self-advocacy in the doctor’s office.

Menounos stated earlier this month in a PanCAN ad that the best thing you can do for your health is “early detection, paying attention to your body and the signals it’s giving you.” “I want people to realize that they need to pay attention and take charge of their health.” According to PanCAN, signs of pancreatic cancer specifically can include back or abdominal pain, sudden-onset diabetes, jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, changes in stool, and enlargement of the pancreas (also known as pancreatitis).

It’s important to be aware of the signs of cancer and other health problems and to make sure that medical professionals give your worries due consideration. Menounos emphasized, “You can’t just listen to somebody else tell you what’s happening in your body.” “If the suffering continues, you must not give up.”

Read about these famous people who have discussed their autoimmune diseases before you leave:


Superb SheKnows

Subscribe to the SheKnows Newsletter. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the most recent updates.

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8 teens face murder charges in deadly beating near Las Vegas high school



8 teens face murder charges in deadly beating near Las Vegas high school

After the attack, Jonathan Lewis, 17, passed away, according to the Clark County coroner’s office. It was stated that complications from numerous blunt force injuries were the cause of his death. Homicide was recorded as the cause of his death.

After the attack, Jonathan Lewis, 17, passed away, according to the Clark County coroner’s office. It was stated that complications from numerous blunt force injuries were the cause of his death. Homicide was recorded as the cause of his death. In KLAS

The ages of all eight are thirteen to seventeen. The teenagers’ names were withheld for a while due to their age. In Nevada, a case involving a 16- or 17-year-old accused of murder is immediately sent to the adult court system. We call this procedure “certification.” Although it is not always the case, judges have the authority to certify minors over 14 as adults for any type of felony offense, including murder.

The incident took place on Wednesday, November 1st, close to Rancho High School on the 1900 block of Searles Avenue.

LVMPD Lt. Jason Johannson stated at a press conference on Tuesday that all 10 individuals involved were Rancho High School students. Johannson declared that there was insufficient evidence to classify the occurrence as a hate crime and called the footage “void of humanity.”

Eight of the ten had been recognized by police as of Tuesday, according to Johannson. All eight were taken into custody by police and the FBI early on Tuesday.

According to Johannson, Lewis was not defending himself and was lying on the ground when he passed out. The altercation was allegedly about a vape pen and some stolen wireless headphones.

The father of the younger Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, revealed to 8 News Now that his 17-year-old son passed away on Tuesday, Nov. 7, due to the wounds. Lewis, an out-of-state resident, expressed his hope that the passing of his son would spark a discussion about youth violence in the Las Vegas area.

In a statement to 8 News Now after the arrest, he stated, “We all must be held accountable for our choices.” “In our community, we should be able to live in harmony and experience love! For me, justice is just now beginning to be understood. For me as a father, a big part of justice is identifying the real reasons why, at this age, our kids choose violence—the underlying causes, the fear of ongoing resource conflict and reliance on a dysfunctional system—and creating our own self-regulated riches and health instead!

Two persons who were still unidentified were requested to be identified by police. As of Tuesday afternoon, neither of the two’s photos had been made public.

It is suggested that anyone with information get in touch with the LVMPD Homicide Section via email at [email protected] or by phone at 702-828-3521. Call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or use their website to remain anonymous.

“Instead of enslaving yourselves to anger, rage, and cowardly violence, I’m calling on the youth to use their collective mob voice to demand change, create a deep sense of community, and do something with your power,” stated the older Lewis.

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News2 weeks ago

A drug called Captagon may have helped fuel Hamas’ attack on Israel

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