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Watch: ‘I’m not going home', Joe Biden jokes on visit to this country

Watch: ‘I’m not going home', Joe Biden jokes on visit to this country

In a historic speech to the Irish parliament, US President Joe Biden said, "I'm not going home" while in Ireland. The US President was on his way back to his childhood home when he wished he could remain longer. Joe Biden said in his address that the UK "should be working closer" with Ireland and expressed pride in his Irish heritage as well as support for the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach (Irish prime minister), welcomed Joe Biden and noted that Ireland and the United States have "a similar past and philosophy" and "are joined by bonds of kinship as well as of friendship."

Leo Varadkar stated, "By always looking to the future, you have helped us to move beyond the past, and build something better." In his remarks on the unique bond between Ireland and the US, Joe Biden recalled one of his grandfather's catchphrases.

No barrier is too thick or too powerful for Ireland and the United States of America, Joe Biden said, adding that "there is nothing the two nations cannot do when they do it together." He thanked the people of Ireland for their warm welcome.

He stated, "People of Ireland, it's so good to be back in Ireland," adding the Irish phrase "I am home."

Joe Biden also hailed the "huge strides" that have been made since the Good Friday Agreement, which was signed in 1998 and aimed to end strife in Northern Ireland, in a previous speech at Leinster House.