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North Korea tests new solid-fuel ICBM with a warning: ‘Uneasiness and horror…'

North Korea tests new solid-fuel ICBM with a warning: ‘Uneasiness and horror…'

According to state media cited by news agency Reuters, North Korea disclosed that it had launched a new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) called the Hwasong-18 that was intended to "radically" increase the nation's nuclear retaliation capabilities.

"The development of the new-type ICBM Hwasongpho-18 will extensively reform the strategic deterrence components of the DPRK, radically promote the effectiveness of its nuclear counterattack posture, and bring about a change in the practicality of its offensive military strategy," according to KCNA.

South Korea was told that North Korea had launched the missile on Thursday, which caused anxiety in North Japan and led to a short warning to inhabitants of Hokkaido to seek safety. According to authorities, the missile that was launched from a location close to Pyongyang traveled nearly 1,000 kilometres before touching down in waters east of North Korea. North Korea assured worries that its neighbors won't be in danger from the test.

The new missile will cause "enemies of extreme uneasiness and horror" to "experience a clearer security crisis" and "constantly strike extreme uneasiness and horror into them by taking fatal and offensive counter-actions until they abandon their senseless thinking and reckless acts," according to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who oversaw the test.

Using solid propellants in an intermediate-range or intercontinental ballistic missile is a first for North Korea, specialists told Reuters. Liquid fuel is used in the majority of North Korea's biggest ballistic missiles, which is a labor-intensive operation.

The launch of the missile occurs against a backdrop of rising hostilities between North and South Korea as a result of Pyongyang's recent criticism of joint military drills between the US and South Korea. In order to confront the United States, Kim Jong Un then advocated for bolstering war deterrent in a "more practical and offensive" approach.

Earlier, in February, North Korea showcased what may have been a brand-new solid-fuel ICBM at a military parade. In December of last year, it had also tested a high-thrust solid-fuel engine.