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Father of girl who drew anti-war art extradited to Russia

Father of girl who drew anti-war art extradited to Russia

According to a human rights organization, the father of a Russian child who was taken to an orphanage after creating an antiwar doodle at school has been returned to Russia from Belarus. He might spend two years behind bars there.

Just before his sentencing hearing last month in the village of Yefremov, south of Moscow, Alexei Moskalyov broke out of house detention. Two days later, he was arrested in Belarus. When visitors attempted to locate Moskalyov in a Belarusian prison on Wednesday, they were informed that he had been transferred to Russia, according to the Belarusian human rights organization Viasna.

Following the adoption of a legislation only days after Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine in February 2022, 54-year-old Moskalyov was prosecuted for social media posts denouncing the conflict there. He disputed the charges.

In a case that caused indignation throughout the world, Maria Moskalyova's father was found guilty of defaming the Russian military and sentenced to two years in jail while his daughter was sent to an orphanage.

Moskalyov's issues, according to his attorney and backers, started when his daughter drew a drawing at Yefremov School No. 9 showing missiles flying over a Russian flag at a mother and kid. Additionally, the picture included the phrases "No to war" and "Glory to Ukraine." A fine and conviction were imposed on Moskalyov for his social media posts.

The Kremlin has been repressing dissent and pursuing those who oppose the war.